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Alabama Corporate Filing Tips

Alabama Frequently Asked Questions

The State of Alabama requires original filings and documents unless you email the filing into the state. You can email it to or you can also fax file now at 334-240-3138. You just need to include your credit card for payments.

Alabama is the only state where you have to form LLCs with the county. You have to send in your documents to the county first, and they forward them to the Secretary of State after the county has approved it.

Alabama is also the only state requiring a completely pointless name reservation BEFORE you file a foreign corporation. Wasting both your time and the State of Alabama’s for no real purpose but to milk you out of another fee and give you another level of red tape to hack your way through. Stupid isn’t it? It’s amazing how backwards we are here… Foreign LLCs do not require a name reservation making a foreign LLC filing the easiest for you to file.

If you are changing your registered agent on your initial tax return, you will need our tax id number. We actually provide you the tax return pre-filled out with our tax id number on it inside your online account.

You can expedite a filing with the Alabama Secretary of State for $100.

Alabama requires you to obtain a certified copy of your articles of organization or articles of incorporation from your home state if you’re registering an out of state entity. You will most often have to order this through your home state Secretary of State.